How To Become A Freelance Consultant And Write Your Own Pay Cheque

Audio Book on How To Become A Freelance Consultant And Write Your Own Pay Cheque.

Becoming a Freelance Consultant can be a very lucrative and fulfilling business. You get to be your own boss, work your own hours and to write your own pay cheque. You can can become a Freelance Consultant in any industry that you want. But it is not for everybody, if you are a person that likes a set routine everyday then it probably not for you. But if you are a person that likes to do different things every day then Freelancing could be just right for you.

There are more Pro’s than Cons in Becoming a Freelance Consultant:


Be your own boss – set your own hours.

Never get fired- you only have to look for new clients.

Work where and how you want to , even take on work thousands of miles away.

Make more money than a 9 – 5 job.

A poor economy rather increases Freelance work, than decreases it.


No work is guaranteed, you are always looking for new clients.

Profits will be slow until you have build up your business.

In the US you will have to pay more taxes because there is no employer to pay their portion of taxes.

The book discuss in detail how to get started, how to chose which niche you want to work in, how to chose your first clients and many more….

The Audio Book is available on the page, “Audio Books”.



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