How to Start Making Money By Writing Romance

How to start making money by writing romance, is probably the last thing on people’s minds when they think of making money.  The thing is,  when most people think of making money writing for a living, they think of freelance writing – as in, writing for other people, and not of writing romance. And that IS a good way to make money with writing, but writing romance is even better.

But you know what one of the easiest ways to make money writing is? Writing for yourself. You don’t need any special degrees or technical know-how. If you know your A’ B’ C’s and can read and write, you can start this amazing side hustle. You can even turn it into a full-time business if you want.

My friend Yuwanda Black, a freelance writer who blogs at Inkwell Editorial, is a seasoned freelance writer, and she makes money writing for clients – and self-publishing romance.

She says writing romance is one of the easiest ways to make money online as a writer, she’s earned over $3,200 in one month, which is peanuts compared to what other self-published romance writers have earned.

Why Writing Romance Is So Profitable

Quite simply, romance readers are voracious readers, with approximately half of them reading a book a week.

This is about four times as many as the average American, who reads on average of a book per month.

And get this, older romance readers tend to read even more – perhaps because they have more time.

One final thing, e-readers have increased the number of books romance readers tear through. This can be attributed to lower-priced books, and shorter stories brought on by the self-publishing revolution.

Who Reads Romance

According to 2016 Romance Writers of America stats., the average romance reader is 30-55 years old, earns $55,000 a year, has a college degree and has an intimate partner.

What all of this adds up to is more disposable income – to feed their reading habit. And speaking of, romance novels make up over a third (34%) of the U.S. fiction market.

Self-Published Romance Authors Make Money

Many self-published romance writers have turned this part-time gig into a full-time career. There are tons who are quietly earning $5,000; $10,000; and even $20,000 – per month – or more. Google it and see for yourself!

Yuwanda’s “How to Make Money Writing Romance” course teaches you everything you know to start making money writing and self-publishing romance novels.

The course covers everything from where to publish your romance novel, to how to create sell-able covers, to how to price your novel to sell. Nothing is left to chance.

Ongoing Romance Writing Support

The course has a very active private, Facebook writing group.  You can pop in and ask any question you want related to writing romance, so you’re never alone. The group is very supportive, filled with new and experienced writers ready to lend a helping hand.

How Much Money Can You Make Writing Romance

Every romance writer is different and there is no guarantee of earnings.

Yuwanda says she reached the $1,000+/month mark just four months after she started writing and self-publishing romance regularly. She says she knows of others who did it quicker.

In the course, she tells you exactly how she did it, and how you can get on the road to duplicate her success.

Start Your Dream Career Today

If you’ve always wanted to make money writing, this is an evergreen opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Just think – four to six weeks from now, you can have your first romance novel up for sale on Amazon and other major book outlets.

Here’s to your writing success!

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