The Binary Options Scam


They have fancy ads on Facebook with headlines like, “The Banks Can’t Stop This” and “This Opportunity Will Be Taken Down Soon”.

The below article about Binary Options explains how a man started trading with Binary Options with $250 and eventually made $27,593.65 in just 7 days. There may a screenshot of a trading account but it is absolutely impossible to make $1,550 with just $250 and in just 12 hours!

I signed up with $250 and an Account Manager called me and I explained to him how this particular man made $27,593.65 in just 7 days. What he told me next was very surprising! He said his clients only open accounts with $10,000 or more! Now bear in mind this account manager was assigned to my account so he called me, but he talks about $10,000 or more! That’s the first catch how they want people to put in more money with Binary Options. He said $10,000 would give me more leverage with trading.

When I told him about the article he said, “well I don’t know of any such article”. Fair enough he might not know about the article but he said to trade with $250 is not worth his time! And with $250 you do not qualify to have an an account manager. So the question is, why else did he call me in the first place when he saw that I opened an account with only $250!

After hearing the story of this account manager I went back to the blog/ website and posted my story and asked if there was anyone else that also experienced what I experienced, but up to this day I had no response.



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